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anti-SERCA2a anti-serum (A010-20)

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Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody to SERCA2a

Unit volume: 20 µl

Tested Applications: Western blot (1:5000 dilution)

Antibody Form: IgG

Antibody Purity: Raw anti-serum

Species Reactivity: Reacts with SERCA2a from human, rat, mouse, rabbit, canine, and bovine species.

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Description: Highly specific, well validated Polyclonal anti-sera to SERCA2a (anti-SERCA2a)

Background: SERCA2a is a Ca2+ pump located in the sarcoplasmic reticulum of cardiac and slow-twitch skeletal muscle. The enzyme transports Ca2+ from the cytoplasm into the SR using the hydrolysis of ATP as the energy source for this reaction. Two Ca2+ are transported for each ATP hydrolysed.  This Ca2+ transport is the principal means of muscle relaxation in cardiac and slow-twitch skeletal muscle. The activity of SERCA2a is moderated by its interaction with phospholamban. SERCA2a is one isoform of SERCA2: this isoform differs from SERCA2b and SERCA2c at the extreme carboxy terminus only.  Antibody A010-20 recognises the C-terminal sequence which distinguishes SERCA2a from SERCA2b and SERCA2c. 

Unit Volume: 20 ul

Tested Applications: Western Blot (1:5000 dilution)

Antibody Form:  Lyophilised Rabbit anti-serum (IgG).

Species Recognition: The antibody reacts with SERCA2a from human, rat, mouse, rabbit, canine, and bovine species

Full Publication list: 20 papers


Selected Publications:

Carbon monoxide exposure enhances arrhythmia after cardiac stress: involvement of oxidative stress. 

André, L., Gouzi, F., Thireau, J., Meyer, G., Boissiere, J., Delage, M., Abdellaoui, A., Feillet-Coudray, C., Fouret, G., Cristol, J.P., et al. (2011). Basic Res Cardiol 106, 1235-1246.

Aromatase deficiency confers paradoxical postischemic cardioprotection.

Bell, J.R., Mellor, K.M., Wollermann, A.C., Ip, W.T., Reichelt, M.E., Meachem, S.J., Simpson, E.R., and Delbridge, L.M. (2011).  Endocrinology 152, 4937-4947.

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Storage Lyophilised: 4 °C Reconstituted:-80 °C
Epitope/Isoform Alignment N/A
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