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    AccuMarQ Pre-stained Molecular Weight Markers


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    Product code: A010-601
    Unit Size: 500 µL

    AccuMarQ pre-stained molecular weight markers represent a set of 12 multi-coloured protein standards covering a broad range of molecular weights (10 to 245 kDa). 10 of the 12 proteins are covalently linked to a blue dye, whilst the remaining two have a red dye (75kDa marker) and a green dye (25kDa) marker covalently attached. The AccuMarQ standards therefore provide the user with not only excellent resolution across the molecular weight range, but also absolute confidence in molecular weight estimation.


    AccuMarQ pre-stained molecular weight markers have also been designed to aid:

    •Monitoring the progress of SDS-PAGE.
    •Checking transfer efficiency either onto PVDF or Nitrocellulose membranes in western blotting.
    Chemical name No
    CAS number No
    Molecular weight No
    Formula No
    Solubility No
    Purity No
    Storage -20°C


    A010-601 MSDS

    Regulatory statement Product for research use only. Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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    DISCLAIMER: Products for research use only (RUO) and are not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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