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    INFOGRAPHIC: Celebrating 21 Years of Discovery with Phospholamban Antibodies

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    Celebrating 21 years of discovery with PLN antibodies Exercise Apoptosis Hormones Pacemaker Ca Handling Acidosis Hypertophy PLN expression Therapeutics Heart failure Diabetes Hypoxia Hypertension FFR NO Synthase 5-HT Arrythmia β-Adrenergic Stimulation Contractility Thyroid PLN Phosphorylation Signalling


    About this infographic

    The interactive infographic above captures advances made by the cardiac research community using Ser-16 & Thr-17 antibodies to phospholamban. Please click through to access further materials relating to Heart Failure and PLN Phosphorylation Signalling. Other themes are linked to associated research publications.

    Your feedback is important

    This work forms part of an undergraduate research project carried out at the University of Leeds in conjunction with our company, Badrilla Ltd., a specialist supplier of research tools for cardiovascular research. The success of this project will be measured by the level of audience engagement with our infographic and associated content.

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    Undergraduate review articles

    The following review articles have been written as supporting materials for this project:



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