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    Badrilla Ltd, founded in 2003, is an established life science company providing high quality products for the molecular cardiovascular researcher located within major pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic establishments worldwide. Badrilla assists researchers in combining its expertise of meticulous organic and protein chemistry with its knowledge of the post-translational modification of the proteins that coordinate cardiac excitation-contraction coupling, cardiac arrhythmia and hypertrophy, and the maladaptive response leading to heart failure, in order to produce research tools of the highest integrity and broadest application.Over the past ten years Badrilla products have helped to underpin key discoveries in cardiac biochemistry and the Company has garnered a wealth of published data from respected scientists worldwide.  Working in concert with its Clients, Badrilla continues to develop new products and services which will both expand and strengthen its focussed position to mutual benefit.


    Badrilla develops exceptional tools and reagents that advance research and underpin new discoveries in biomedical science. We deliver benefit to researchers, research sponsors and ultimately patients by accelerating the development of new knowledge & effective therapies.




    The focus and expertise of Badrilla lies in dynamic post-translational modification of the proteins that coordinate cardiac excitation-contraction coupling, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac hypertrophy and the maladaptive response leading to heart failure. Working with leading cardiac researchers we are able to build and validate new reagents of value to the whole field.

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss new and leading programmes of collaborative research with you, where we can play a minor or major role.  Please email info@badrilla.com in the first instance.


    Excellent research tools are made by individual research teams all the time. We are interested in helping share these tools with the whole cardiovascular research community, and generate some welcome revenue for your laboratory. This can be achieved by licensing reagents to Badrilla for the commercial distribution worldwide. We are specifically interested in the following types of reagent:

    • Bioactive peptides
    • Bioactive small molecules such as novel agonists, antagonists and inhibitors
    • Excellent antibodies to E-C coupling proteins

    Please email info@badrilla.com  to start the discussion.

    Contact Us

    Badrilla Ltd.

    15 Queen Square

    Leeds LS2 8AJ

    United Kingdom


    +44 (0)7801 730618



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    DISCLAIMER: Products for research use only (RUO) and are not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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