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    Green fluorescent protein (GFP, EGFP) pAb epitope purified


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    Product code: A010-pGFP-50
    Unit Size: 50 μg (312 blots)

    A fully validated, highly specific, affinity purified rabbit polyclonal antibody to GFP, EGFP, PA-GFP, CFP and YFP

    Background: The green fluorescent protein (GFP) is composed of 238 amino acid residues (26.9kDa) and exhibits bright green fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet blue light. It has become a well established reporter for gene expression and marker for protein targeting. Subtle modifications have been made to the sequence of GFP improving its solubility and photostablility (eGFP) to allow acquisition of more complex data (FRET, FRAP). Moreover, subtle residue modifications have been engineered to alter the emission wavelength such as in CFP, YFP to facilitate duel labelling. Anti-GFP Ab is a polyclonal antibody raised in rabbit by immunisation with, and affinity purification against full length GFP (Faix et al., 2001). It produces exceptional staining for GFP, PA-GFP, EGFP, CFP and YFP in western blotting at a dilution of 1:10,000 and bioimaging applications at high dilutions, it has featured in an impressive number of publications.

    Tested Applications: Western blot (1:10,000 dilution), IF Microscopy (1:500 - 5000 dilution)


    Description Lyophilised rabbit polyclonal monoclonal antibody to GFP
    Immunogen Recombinant GFP together with complete Freund's adjuvant
    Isotype IgG
    Purification Affinity purified using purified GFP covalently coupled to cyanogen bromide activated agarose.
    Species reactivity Will recognise regular, enhanced and photo activatable green fluorescent proteins GFP, EGFP, PAGFP. It will also recognise cyan and yellow fluorescent proteins CFP, YFP, but will not recognise any red fluorescent proteins.
    Tested applications WB, IF, IP, ELISA
    Recommended dilution WB 1:10,000, IF 1:500-5000, IP, ELISA
    Optimization Optimal dilutions to be determined by end user
    Storage Lyophilised antibody is stable at 4 °C when stored with desiccant. Reconstitute lyophilised powder in 6.25 µl of 18 MΩ H2O, aliquot and store frozen at -80 °C for 1 year. Avoid freeze - thaw cycles.
    Storage Lyophilised: 4 °C. Reconstituted:-80 °C
    Datasheet A010-pGFP-50

    MSDS A010-pGFP-50

    Regulatory statement Product for research use only. Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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