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    Bioactive Peptides

    Bioactive Peptides

    Useful molecular probes to study structure-function relationships in RyR2

    Inherited mutations of the ryanodine receptor (RyR2) cause heart diseases such as CPVT and ARVC. Synthetic peptides corresponding to key subdomains of RyR2 can mimic RyR2 function in these diseases and have been used as useful molecular probes to study structure-function relationships (find publications here). DPc10 peptide is the best studied example of these bioactive peptides. A series of DPc10 peptides is now available from Badrilla to aid your investigation of RyR2 pathologies.

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    1. PDP3 peptide, cell permeable

      Product code: P010-610

      PDP3 peptide (Ac-RRKRPKRKRKNARVTF-Bpa-EAAEII-NH2; molecular weight 3016.6 g; purity 98.8%) is a cell permeable activator of PP-1. It does so with potentcy of (EC50 176 nM), and its effects are long-lasting as it is slowly metabolised inside cells (due to Bpa moeity). PDP3 has no impact on PP-2A or PP-2B.

      Pack size 1 mg.

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