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    Cardiovascular Targets

    Cardiovascular Targets

    The excitation-contraction coupling of cardiac muscle is a critical to life in most animals, and errors in E-C coupling contribute to important human diseases (arrhythmia, heart failure, cardiac hypertrophy). Highly specific monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to proteins critical to cardiac muscle excitation-contraction coupling have been assembled. All of these antibodies have been carefully validated for use in western blotting, in addition, some have also been validated for use in immunofluorescence microscopy and in vitro functional assays. Many of these antibodies recognise the site-specific phosphorylation of target proteins and most have been used in numerous publications in the scientific literature.

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    1. SERCA1 mAb (clone B/4H3)

      Product code: A010-22AP
      Affinity purified Mouse monoclonal antibody to skeletal muscle SERCA1
      • Suitable for use in Western Blot (1:5000 dilution), IHC Microscopy (1:200 dilution)
      • Lyophilised Protein A affinity purified mouse monoclonal IgG
      • Antibody tested on rat and rabbit tissue, but immunogenic peptide aligns with mammalian species, avian, amphibian and fish
      • Unit size: 50 μl
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