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    S-Nitrosylation Tools

    S-Nitrosylation Tools

    Nitric oxide (NO) plays an important role in the regulation of cardiovascular function. In addition to the classic NO activation of the cGMP-dependent pathway, NO can also regulate cell function through protein S-nitrosylation, a redox dependent, thiol-based, reversible posttranslational protein modification that involves attachment of an NO moiety to a nucleophilic protein sulfhydryl group.

    A better understanding of the mechanisms regulating protein S-nitrosylation will provide us new therapeutic insights and targets for intervention in cardiovascular disease. Badrilla offers a growing range of antibodies and detection kits to support your nitric oxide and S-nitrosylaltion research projects; further details for each of these products can be found below.

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    1. DETECTome™ S-nitrosylated protein kit

      Product code: A010-105
      A convenient and easy-to-use kit incorporating a modification of the “biotin-switch” method to allow for the direct visualisation of S-nitrosylated proteins in whole cells or tissues, as well as by western blot analysis. 
      • A modified ‘biotin-switch’ assay
      • Labels all S-nitrosylated sites in sample ('omics')
      • DETECT S-NO proteins in whole cells, tissues or lysates
      • Colourimetric or fluorimetric detection
      • Sufficient reagents for 3 x 20 samples
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    2. SiteCounter™ S-Palmitoylated Protein Kit

      Product code: K010-312

      The new Badrilla SiteCounterTM S-Palmitoylated protein kit is a quick and easy way to quantify the extent of S-palmitoylation of your protein of interest. Using a straightforward mass tag approach, modification of each cysteine residue results in an incremental increase in the mass of the protein.  The number of mobility shifts (as detected by western blot analysis) is observed as a ladder of protein bands, each ‘step’ in the ladder representing an additional s-palmitoylated cysteine residue.

      Kit highlights

      • Enables determination of the number of S-palmitoylation sites on a protein
      • Enables calculation of S-palmitoylation stoichiometry
      • Kit designed to process 2 x 6 biological samples with paired negative controls (i.e. 24 samples in total).
      • Convenient stopping point after blocking treatment.
      • Assay suitable for downstream western blot analysis
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    3. SiteCounter™ S-Palmitoylated Protein Mini Kit

      Product code: K010-313

      The new Badrilla SiteCounterTM S-Palmitoylated Protein Mini Kit is a quick and easy way to quantify S-palmitoylation. Competitively priced, this starter kit provides a gateway into determining the number of palmitoylation sites in your protein of interest

      Kit highlights

      • Competitively priced entry level kit.
      • Enables detection of the number S-palmitoylated sites within your protein of interest and calculation of palmitoylation stoichiometry.
      • Kit designed to process 2 x 2 biological samples with paired negative controls (i.e. 8 samples in total).
      • Convenient stopping point after blocking treatment.
      • Assay suitable for downstream western blot analysis
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