Exercise research - key publications using PLN antibodies

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  1. Bupha-Intr, T. et al. 2009. Moderate intensity of regular exercise improves cardiac SR Ca2+ uptake activity in ovariectomized rats. Journal of Applied Physiology. 107(4), pp.1105-1112.
  2. Kemi, O.J. et al. 2007. Aerobic interval training enhances cardiomyocyte contractility and Ca2+ cycling by phosphorylation of CaMKII and Thr-17 of phospholamban. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. 43(3), pp.354-361.
  3. Medeiros, A. et al. 2008. Exercise training delays cardiac dysfunction and prevents calcium handling abnormalities in sympathetic hyperactivity-induced heart failure mice. Journal of Applied Physiology. 104(1), pp.103-109.
  4. Rolim, N.P.L. et al. 2007. Exercise training improves the net balance of cardiac Ca2+ handling protein expression in heart failure. Physiological Genomics. 29(3), pp.246-252.

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