INFOGRAPHIC: Celebrating 21 Years of Discovery with Phospholamban Antibodies

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About this infographic
The interactive infographic above captures advances made by the cardiac research community using Ser-16 & Thr-17 antibodies to phospholamban. Please click through to access further materials relating to Heart Failure and PLN Phosphorylation Signalling. Other themes are linked to associated research publications.
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This work forms part of an undergraduate research project carried out at the University of Leeds in conjunction with our company, Badrilla Ltd., a specialist supplier of research tools for cardiovascular research. The success of this project will be measured by the level of audience engagement with our infographic and associated content.
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Undergraduate review articles

The following review articles have been written as supporting materials for this project:

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Badrilla is a manufacturer of outstanding antibodies against cardiac proteins and phospho-proteins, and the manufacturer of leading kits for the study of protein S-palmitoylation.

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