c-myc mAb (clone 9E10.2)

c-myc mAb (clone 9E10.2)


Product code: A010-Myc-50
Unit size: 50 μg


Lyophilised mouse monoclonal antibody clone 9E10.2 to the myc-tag commonly used as an epitope tag for engineered target proteins.
Synthetic peptide EQKLISEEDL derived using the sequence of human c-myc gene product
Species reactivity
Does not react with mouse or chicken c-myc
Lyophilised antibody is stable at 4 °C when stored with desiccant. Reconstitute lyophilised powder in 60 µl of 18 MΩ H2O to produce a 0.8 µg/ml solution. Aliquot and store frozen at -80 °C for 1 year. Avoid freeze – thaw cycles. Lyophilised: 4 °C Reconstituted:-80 °C
Regulatory statement
Product for research use only. Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use.
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