CAPTUREome™ S-Palmitoylated Protein Kit

CAPTUREome™ S-Palmitoylated Protein Kit


Product code: K010-311
Unit size: 1 Kit


The Badrilla CAPTUREomeTM S-Palmitoylated protein kit is a simple and easy way of determining whether your protein of interest is post translationally modified with a palmitate group. The assay is based on the acyl-RAC (resin assisted capture) method and facilitates, with four simple steps – Block, Cleave, Capture and Analysis – determination of protein palmitoylation
A chemistry kit to perform the 4 stages of acyl-RAC: Block, Cleave, Capture and Analysis and capture proteins that are S-palmitoylated. Proteins can be analysed subsequently by SDS-PAGE, western blotting or mass spectrometry.
Kit Specification
CAPTUREome can be used with cell or tissue lysates from any biological system. Process upto 20 ~1 mg cell or tissue samples with this kit, in 4 groups of 5 samples.
Store at 4C. shelf life 6 months from purchase.
Regulatory statement
Product for research use only. Not intended for diagnostic or therapeutic use. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
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