Badrilla Awarded Grant to Develop Novel Quantitative Diagnostic Assays

Badrilla has been awarded a Feasibility Study grant from the Technology Strategy Board to develop a range of novel, quantitative diagnostic assays based on the company’s patented quantification technology.

The quantitative measurement of biomarkers is the cornerstone of diagnostics in medicine, and aids diagnosis in 70% of cases. An emerging class of biomarker, which is particularly important in cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease, is the post translational modification status of particular proteins. Whilst measurement of post-translational modification is possible at the research level, the construction of diagnostic immunoassays is currently hindered by a lack of specific calibrators and binding partners for this class of biomarker.

Badrilla will overcome this technical obstacle by exploiting its patented quantification technology to create a new form of diagnostic test: “feature-display diagnostics”. This novel approach will focus on precise chemical “features” of diagnostic value (in this case the post-translational modification), rather than the whole protein molecule, as used in traditional approaches. This “feature display” approach will enable the enable the creation of assay components with exquisite specificity, the construction of precise calibrators and the potential to create diagnostic tests to any form of protein modification.

Professor John Colyer, CEO of Badrilla commented: “This TSB award is recognition of our innovative technology and will help to support the development of a range of novel, quantitative diagnostic assays. Clear and compelling applications in medicine have been identified and additional applications are expected in non-medical diagnostics and drug discovery. Exploitation of our patented technology will create considerable economic and healthcare value and we are looking forward to working closely with the TSB and collaborators in our field as we move to address these key areas of unmet need”.


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